Golden Farm Biz Crystal Adder v5 ( $10 ) Onetime Payment


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HackMe v5 | Not enough Crystal | coin farm | golden farm | coin birds | golden birds | etc.

Thanks for taking interest on our software. This software is fully updated.

- You can add 250k Silver coins every 8 hours and 250 Crystal / Crystals or Gold every 24 hours.

Software Price :

Price : $10

Payment Accepted : 

Payeer : P1020351295


After your payment send your payment screenshot ( Clear Image ) and operation ID 


Suresh Gurung

Simple and honest person


  1. Thanks for your response and your software. Keep doing good job friend.

  2. Hey can I pay after I withdraw money from site. I can pay you 20$ instead of 10. my 100$ is stuck int this site..

    1. i will pay you through payeer. Contact me at

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